Rapid intervention on demand for private equity and venture capital backed companies


my added value:

mastering crises successfully

My focus clientele are small and medium sized family business, private equity firms and venture capitalist in EMEA, especially Germany.


I offer my clientele rapid intervention on demand (e.g., in their portfolio companies), with a focus on mastering crisis, generate profit recovery, managing smooth integration of acquisitions, or temporary reinforcement of management.

My principals are Family Offices, P/E and V/C in EMEA, no intermediaries. 


Service features are: performing ad interim roles, e.g., Digital Strategy Advisor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Transformation Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Post-Merger Integration Officer.


Service benefits are: direct contact, so no need for intermediaries | result in accordance with expectations | versatility | speed and rapid deployment | high flexibility (24/7 when needed) | EMEA | attractive cost-benefit.


Track record: cv with references downloadable from my linkedin.com page

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